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It is time for you to be who you were meant to be!

Jenn is not just a medium... She is a transformational catalyst!

Some try to label her as a life coach but instead she is a highly gifted intuitive who has expanded her mediumship practice into helping others free themselves from the chains and blocks that are tying them down.

Her intuitive gifts will change your life and will bring you into the realm of self preservation from disbelief. 

She not only can see your loved ones in spirit but can also dig deep into your subconscious mind and perceive which actions, situations, relationships and life experiences are blocking your way in this life.

You have a power within yourself that is being masked by ego driven perspectives.

Jenn will empower you to push the shadows to the side and embrace your truth.

You are meant to thrive; not dive!

Begin the process of transformation today!


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Upcoming at Divinely Lit...

For months now I have had the feeling of change within me. Many downloads and visions have come for what I should be doing and how I can help you and be a channel for light in this world.

As those who know me, I always say "I'm just Jenn". I do not like the labels and want people to know me for my story and how I am helping the world and those in need with my intuitive gifts, not my titles like "Medium" or "Psychic".

Yes, I do have these gifts.

Yes, I can connect to your loved ones on the other side and I love providing this gift to you.

Yes, I can intuitively see guided by spirit situations, relationships etc. in your life to help guide you and help you were you feel stuck.

I will still be providing these sessions... so don't worry!

As I move forward, my passion very strongly is to help people to know their worth. To show them they matter. To be that light who is there for them when no one else is. To help them where they feel stuck.

As the months go on, I will begin the process of implementing online based workshops, courses and self-help strategies guided by me intuitively via source. Also will begin hosting big group Intuitive Workshops.

Throughout this process, my website and my total image with change.

Divinely Lit was and always has been my story and how the Divine lit a match under my ass to awaken me to who I am supposed to be. This was a process just over 6 years ago that changed my life completely and to this day I am still very grateful to the family and friends who stuck by me while I went through these massive changes.

My social media platforms (Divinely Lit) will become the title of my first novel that I am still trying to finish typing. With this being said my website etc and total image will become "thisisjenn". This is Jenn is me. It is a change that I really have felt for awhile.

I will keep you all informed as the changes proceed.

My contact for now will remain divinelylit@gmail.com but will eventually transfer to contactthisisjenn@gmail.com.

My website will change from divinelylit.com to thisisjenn.ca.

I am very excited of all the high vibe changes that are happening...



Life is a journey; Not a race ~ Unknown

Jennifer Foster

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