Divinely Lit ~ My first novel

October 3, 2014

12:35 p.m.

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My visions during my meditation…

I am sitting by myself on a big, comfy blue chair with my feet raised up and a white soft, puffy blanket on my lap. I can feel the secure warm slippers on my feet and i am relaxed and calm.

It is dark and all that is light is the curtain which is positioned right in front of me. The spotlight illuminates its drapes. Soft music begins and the curtains begin to slowly open. Slowly, slowly they tug. A girl appears. A girl so smart. A girl that looks like me!

I hear talking and a life span out in front of my eyes. I hear laughter. I hear tears. I smell happiness. I sense fears. The stage is set and I am the star. The curtain begins to rise and I am lucky that I am not sitting too far.

I am asked to remember a time when I felt happy and so proud. To flip through the pages of my life.

Back, back, back I go. The pages turn so fast.

I am dancing. I am smiling. The sounds of the taps are pattering on my feet. “How you feeling… hot, hot, hot. How you feeling… hot, hot, hot.” The music uplifts my soul.

I see my ponytail bouncing while a smile expands across my face. The orange poofy skirt jumps exactly when I hit the space. Tap dancing is my favourite and excitement embraces my face.

Then again I am asked to think back. Back again I go. The pages flip but this time they land on a time of sorrow.

My baby, my baby is gone. I see it laying in the toilet gone, gone, gone. I want to pass out. I want to go sleep while the blood is in my vision and the throw up in my throat. My baby is gone.

My memory flashes forward to healing and strength. My mind floats forward to courage and grace. I am happy. I am strong. I made it through the pain. I made as I begin to understand.

It is time to move forward. Onward reaching to the now. To this time and place. To where the memories have subsided and the energy is wow.

“I believe in myself. I believe in myself. I believe in myself. I repeat over and over again.”

I hear the faint music as I chant in my mind.

The curtain is closing and it is time to come back. It is time to live and time relax.

I see clear words written on the lighted stage. I squint my eyes to see and smile in a blaze.

The words are so strong. The words are so true. The words are my salvation. The words are my follow through.


Is written so big.


Is here to conceive.


Is strong and concise.


Is a start to a new life!


Jennifer Foster 

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