Have a Reiki/Crystal Energy Healing via DISTANCE!
If you do not want to attend a personal in person session you can have a session out of comfort of your  home! SKYPE or FACETIME!!! 
Only 30 minutes out of your day!!!
30 mins - 60 mins - 90 mins appointments.

25% off Reiki and Energy Healing Sessions!

Personal Reading (Inperson & Skype sessions)
Connect with spirit and your loved ones that have crossed over. Allow me to channel their positive messages and bring peace and clarity to you. Our loved ones in the spirit world are always with us and they are constantly trying to communicate with you through love. They love channeling through me to revisit memories, life experiences or just to say "Hi". Their messages are always for your highest good and are always meant to bring more clarity into your life.



"Reiki" (Universal Life Force Energy) Reiki  is a meditative energetic practice which stimulates body-mind-heart system into spontaneously clearing itself of stress and imbalance. It can be both grounding and uplifting, comforting and stimulating, leading to improved physical health, clarity and joy. If your energy is low, Reiki will recharge it! A very relaxing experience!!


Crystal Energy Healings   

"Crystal Energy Healings" is an alternative healing technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns using various forms of natural crystals. Crystals carry vibrational rates. By placing these vibrational rates within the aura – your aura’s vibrational rates also change. Unlike my "Crystal Chakra Healings" specific issues in your life will be pin pointed that require attention; along with meditation, reiki and crystals the underlying causes will be surfaced and healing will begin. (Pain, heartache, migraines, calming, stress, imsomnia, self love, etc.)

  • Crystal Energy Healing Workshops and Learning to Heal Your Own Energy Workshops
  • Bedazzled Chakra Vitality Workshop
  • Chakra Beats - Active Meditation (First Session of Chakra Blast Infinity Series)
  • Various Group Meditations

  • Group Readings (Minimum 6 people) 

  • Energy Healing Group Parties (Up to 6 people - 30 mins Reiki sessions)..... friends night in!!


Please contact Jennifer L Foster directly for pricing and detailed descriptions of workshops/meditations/parties.